Announcing the Best of British // PrimeConf

We’re really excited to announce that we are putting on a conference celebrating the best of British digital technology talent, in just a few weeks:

The Best of British – Friday 13th June 2014

I’ve been attending conferences for a decade now and I’ve always wanted to see one that highlighted home-grown talent across the whole of the UK (well, as much as one can in a day). Also, we want to highlight the diversity and excellence we know exists not just geographically, but also in age, gender and technologies.

You can track the conference now on one of the UK’s great success stories, Lanyrd, and tickets will be available next week on our Kickstarter campaign, including an option to watch via a live stream.

We have some amazing speakers, who I am so grateful to for supporting Team Prime with their awesomeness.


  • Alice Taylor, MakieLab, London
  • Chris Thorpe, I Can Make, Oxford
  • Matthew Somerville, mySociety (& many other great things), Birmingham
  • Mazz Mosley, freelance technologist, previously a tech lead @ GDS, Leighton Buzzard
  • Ian Forrester, BBC R&D, Manchester
  • Dan Fairs, SecondSync just been acquired by Twitter (woo, go Dan & the team!), Bristol
  • Dr Tom Crick, Senior Lecturer in Computing Science, Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Priya Prakash, Founder, Design for Social Change, London

Plus some more amazing speakers we’ll be announcing next week – hopefully with a Scottish representative from a smart man we’ve asked.

They’re going to be covering things such as: restarting computer science in UK schools, experiments in inventing products for the early majority, 21st century knitting patterns and things which feel like magazines from the 80s, growing a UK tech startup, ‘Dating, Lies and Algorithms’, and so much more.

We hope to see loads of you there, having your minds expanded and positively super-charged with some fantastic talks.