CV Sifting and First Call Screening Service

Thought: if Team Prime offered a service that was an add on to your *existing* applications, would you buy it? Currently the market is such that companies don’t need headhunters like us as much as they would when candidates are scarce, they have lots of applicants – too many even, but do they have the […]

Always price yourself to be taken seriously

For the life time of Team Prime, I’ve kept rates at 15% which has always been the industry low end for recruiting. I did this in order to offer the best value I could in an industry (recruiting) that I felt has generally over charged. However, after 15 years it’s time to put our rates […]

Want to hire the best as soon as they’ve available?

Are you a company or organisation that would like to hire the most talented and lovely humans, as we find out they are starting to look around? Then let us know by emailing and we’ll add you to our internal list for potential new employers to consider. We often get to exclusively represent wonderful […]

Re-offering commission based work

As anyone who has followed the Team Prime journey will know, I have been and continue to be against commission based recruiting. I’ve written about it many times over the last few years: 26th Jan 2013 Retained vs commission – what’s the difference? 1st Oct 2013 An attempt to discourage commission based recruiting 18th Feb […]

New micro-consultancy service from Team Prime, aimed at start ups and SMEs

We’ve launched a new service at Team Prime today, allowing clients to purchase either 30 or 60 minute time slots on Skype or call with our CEO, Thayer. You can book these directly online via our Services page. This new service is aimed at smaller businesses and start ups to promote excellent support, advice and […]

Thayer announced as a finalist in 2016 FDM everywoman in Technology Awards, Entrepreneur Award

It’s announced today that Thayer Prime has been recognised as one of the women changing the face of technology in the UK, named as finalist in the sixth annual FDM everywoman in Technology Awards in association with techUK. FDM Everywoman says, “The three finalists listed below have been selected from a field of hundreds of […]

Team Prime no longer offering commission based recruitment services

New service and price list coming soon. Commission based recruitment attracts the wrong clients for us. We’re not a recruitment agency, we’re a consultancy that helps companies build teams and fix recruitment problems. We’re being approached as an agency more often than we’d like now, so it’s time to focus on what we’re here to […]

Some help to hire mixed gender tech teams

A few weeks ago, I asked Twitter some questions, and specifically asked those in a minority in tech (non white men) to complete some basic questions to get a litmus test of what they want in their environment in order to consider working somewhere. The results confirmed a few things I’d been noticing myself, but […]

Why commission based recruiting is inherently flawed, and two ways you can fix it

Most of you know me by now: I’m open about my views on discouraging commission, and have changed the majority of the business Team Prime does to consultancy based models. But I thought it might be worth going over just how bad commission based recruiting is with some examples, and give you some pointers at […]

A little background on using headhunting for your hiring

[This blog post was written by Lisa Baggaley as a primer for companies interested in using a headhunting service.] What is it? Working with headhunters can be a smart, time efficient way of connecting with great talent. It’s different to hiring through a traditional recruitment agency and in order to benefit from the process it […]