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You can book an instantly confirmed 30 (£85) or 60 (£160)  minute micro-consultancy call or video conference directly with our founder Thayer Prime by clicking here. The perfect way to quickly get some advice for any area of recruitment or job hunting. Perhaps you’re a start up looking for advice on how to hire, or a job hunter wanting to have a fully polished CV or interview prep. I’m here to help.

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All our work is bespoke to fit each client’s needs, you can see the range on our projects page. If you’ve got any concern you’d like to fix that involves the intersection of technology and those who work with it, we’d love to hear from you. We work with most of our clients on a retained consultancy basis, between one to three days a month on an as-and-when basis.

Our charges are £200 plus VAT per hour. Some clients use us on an as an when basis (on call assistance), others prefer to buy blocks of our our time (in dates) for specific projects, at reduced rates. All our time spent is pre-approved, logged and shared with the client at all times. No surprises: transparency is at the heart of everything we do.

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This work often includes things such as:

  • team planning and architecture
  • role descriptions and job specifications
  • headhunting and recruitment training
  • salary benchmarking
  • recruitment advertising
  • recruitment best practice
  • interviews and screening
  • interview process creation/review
  • connecting in suppliers and advisors
  • recruitment administration
  • negotiation assistance
  • .. and much more
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People finding

We’re happy to take on “traditional” recruitment work, but with a few caveats.

  • We require detailed feedback for people we introduce to you, within 48 hr maximum.
  • We will search our network, and further afield but we do not guarantee we can help.
  • We will need quite a lot of details upfront about your interview process, and salary range.

We charge 20%. If you’re interested in us helping you hire, please fill out our Recruitment Assistance Enquiry Form, and review our Terms & Conditions.

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