Sometimes, it’s just really helpful to talk to someone who can actively listen. Sometimes, you don’t want to burden those closest to you with issues; perhaps they even involve those people. Having someone outside of a situation listen and sit with you whilst you work it through can be really helpful.

Having worked in and hired for the tech industry for 25 years, Thayer understands some of specific challenges and pain points we have as humans working in the technology industry.

Team Prime offers talk therapy, based around work and personal based issues. Having helped people through many life changing paths and decisions through her work in job changes, Thayer trained as a counsellor and is also about to finish her degree in Psychology (BSc Hons) with the Open University. Thayer’s plan is become a qualified sex therapist later down the line, and in the mean time has found the training undertaken towards that has helped many people in technology unpick some of the blockers they’re finding in regards to issues such as:

  • Career change
  • Frustrated with issues in the current workplace
  • Burnout
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • What next conversations
  • Mid life crisis/evolution
  • Tech disillusionment
  • Managing family life and work life balance
  • Personal relationships and work
  • .. as well as personal issues that may be influencing factors in all of these

If you would like to book Thayer for a free taster chat to see if this type of talk therapy might help you, please email thayer@team-prime.comall discussions and emails are strictly confidential. Should you wish to go ahead after a free 20 minute discussion to see if Thayer’s helpful, 60 minute sessions are £95. Some people have 3-5 sessions, others find weekly ongoing is helpful – whatever works to support you.

Please note – Thayer is NOT fully qualified, she’s 2 out of 3 BACP levels qualified (counselling qualifications, professional practice of over a year and 90% of a psychology degree), and as such should you prefer someone who is BACP registered you can do so on the BACP website, which is the gold standard of therapeutic service providers. Thayer hopes to be on the BACP register as soon as her studies are finished.