Are you a charity? Would you like our help for free?

This month, we’ve been lucky enough to work with Teenage Cancer Trust to fill a role they needed some help with. They asked if we could fill it on reduced rates, so we went one better and offered to fill it for free. Because of the way we work, we can absorb that as a company cost rather than any individual consultant lose commission (no-one at Team Prime is paid on commission). [Lisa(// did some amazing work for them, and I’m so proud of her for finding just what they needed.

We really enjoyed helping them, and they’ve been thrilled with the help and hire (I’ll update with their reference when it comes on Monday). We are really happy our fees went to something so brilliant.

It got me to thinking we’d like to do more of this. So, at any one time I’d like to offer to work any technology/digital role within a registered charity with no fee. If you’d like to be considered and have an open role, please email me and send me your spec. If we think we can work it and do it justice and our charity slot is open, we’ll be happy to help you out. If we can’t I’ll let you know why, and if it’s down to timing re-contact you when we’re next available.