InMobi are leading the charge of architecting mobile-first customer engagement platforms that transform the economics of engaging a global consumer. InMobi are innovating in ways that empower their customers to reach anyone in today’s connected world. They offer a suite of solutions built on superior architecture based on the core principles of simplicity and scale.

Today, the world’s largest brands, agencies, developers, and publishers are creating immediate business value by using our platforms to deliver highly compelling value propositions to the target consumer.

With 350+ data scientists, engineers and analysts spread across the globe, they continue to lead the industry in building architecturally superior mobile-first platforms. Their core ad network continuously analyses 100s of Terrabytes of data, and makes real time decisions to help their customers gain the most value from their investments. Their strategic acquisitions of Sprout – HTML 5 rich media authoring platform, AppGalleries and Metaflow that enable app discovery and distribution, plus a highly compelling roadmap of delivering end-to-end value continues to expand their leadership in the fastest growing market in the history of technology.

Thayer had immediate impact on our business, helping us to crystallise our plans for developer outreach and helping us in identifying and bringing onboard a key resource to help us scale in this area. Her knowledge of the sector is unparalleled and she is a valuable addition to any team trying to bridge the gap between sales, business development and developer communities.
Rob Jonas VP & MD, EMEA and Global Business Operations at InMobi