Kasabi was a data marketplace service launched by Talis in June 2011. The aim of the service was to provide:

  • complete data hosting service, including storage and APIs
  • a full Linked Data hosting solution
  • a marketplace for developers to share and gain access to datasets

The system was built on Talis’s proprietary data hosting platform which took care of storage and data indexing. The Kasabi APIs provided an additional layer of functionality including access control and usage monitoring. The Kasabi website was built as a Drupal application.

The site was shut down on 30th July 2012 after Talis decided to refocus its ongoing investments on its Education division.

Thayer really delivered in this role. Tasked to bring in a number of interesting proposals from a diverse range of developers, she was able to pull together a number of interesting proposals that we later went on to fund. She took time to understand our goals and was able to vet proposals so we were left with judging the cream of the crop.
Leigh Dodds CTO Talis & Kasabi