New micro-consultancy service from Team Prime, aimed at start ups and SMEs

We’ve launched a new service at Team Prime today, allowing clients to purchase either 30 or 60 minute time slots on Skype or call with our CEO, Thayer. You can book these directly online via our Services page.

This new service is aimed at smaller businesses and start ups to promote excellent support, advice and consultancy at a fraction of retained or daily costs. Though if you’re a bigger organisation, or even an individual, you’re welcome to use it too!

If you are looking for some micro-consultancy get some of your problems unblocked you can use our new service to pick our brains about anything you like, or have personal recruitment tutelage.

Some examples of what you might like to use the service for:

  • I run a start up, what are the fundamentals of recruiting I should be thinking about?
  • I’m looking to make a senior hire, can you walk me through how I’d headhunt people?
  • I’ve got some candidates I can’t chose between for a role, can we assess them together?
  • I’m hiring for a role, but I don’t know what qualities and skills to look for, can you help?
  • I’m interested to know how to research and contact people for roles available at my company, can you teach me how to do it (respectfully!)?
  • I’m looking to change my team structure, can I go through it with you for a skills gap analysis?
  • I’m new to recruiting, please help! Jobs boards, linkedin, recruitment marketing? WUT?!
  • I’m setting up a recruitment agency, please can you let me know tips and tricks?
  • My PSL is driving me mad, will you review it with me?

… and many more – whatever recruitment related problem needs fixing.

Click here to see available time slots, and get a confirmed booking straight away.