The Body Coach app was built by the excellent team at Ustwo, and after a few years of working together the time had come to start building an in house team to phase work over from them as part of the ongoing development of the products and services offered by The Body Coach. Ustwo asked us to help The Body Coach team hire, and introduced us.

Working directly with Nikki Wicks, the co-founder and CEO of The Body Coach, and his first hire Saagar Bains, Head of Product, we worked to put in place some recruiting processes, recruiting advice, team structure and hiring guidelines. We then went on to find the people that became their Head of Engineering and Head of People.

It was an excellent project to work on, and we look forward to a continuing relationship with The Body Coach.

I absolutely love working with Thayer. Not only has she helped The Body Coach find some awesome candidates but she has supported and coached me throughout the entire process of hiring. Thank you Thayer, you rock! I look forward to working with you long into the future as we build and grow the Body Coach team.
Nikki Wicks COO, The Body Coach