We’ve worked with Diginut since summer 2012. Danny, the founder/owner/CTO there is an ex-candidate of Thayer’s and so knows exactly how we work and treat both clients and candidates.

Danny mostly uses our services to find urgent contract requirements when projects scale up quickly, or a specialist is needed to assist in development. We’ve also helped with permanent hires, and look forward to doing more in future.

We have a close relationship with Danny and Diginut and enjoy giving all manner of advice and ideas to help build both their and our business. It’s much more fun to work as if in partnership, than as just another service provider.

I can honestly say Thayer is a breath of fresh air. She not only knows a great deal about technology and the tech industry (which is unfortunately rare from a recruiter) but she’s also a really nice person to work with (again, rare for a recruiter). I would recommend Thayer in a heartbeat (just don’t blame me when she makes it so easy that you end up spending more money just to recruit through her).
Danny Bull Technical Director & Owner of DigiNut