We worked for W+K on the Nokia account to create and produce some exciting developer outreach events (such as defining and collaborating on (H)activate with the Guardian), and much more background marketing and outreach strategy for interacting with Qt developers.

We often worked directly with Nokia on the brief to ensure their complete buy in to our approach and brand building within the community on their behalf.

Example press coverage:
Guardian // (H)activate developers produce wonders in a weekend

Thayer worked alongside the Wieden + Kennedy Nokia UK Developer Engagement team for ten months. Her role focused on delivering strategic advice working with high end developers and creating owned events to bring technologists into the Nokia developer community. Thayer quickly became a core part of the W+K team what with her sparkling personality and frankness. We valued her informed opinion on tech outreach and extensive black book. She created a number of Nokia events for the developer team ranging from an informal networking get-together to an educational session to a large scale event partnership. Each one was professionally planned, involved extensive social marketing, at event management and evaluation. We’ve really enjoyed working with Thayer and feel her friendly demeanor, coupled with broad technical knowledge, is a real asset.
Alex Franklin Account Director W+K