Keel are building a new way for businesses to build and run software. A platform where there is no distinction between the application and the infrastructure it runs on, where 90% of the code is written for you, and where common problems find simple and intuitive solutions.

“Just so you know, I am thoroughly and utterly content at Keel. it is completely the right place for me. Thank you so much for finding this role for me. It just shows that the personal touch is worth ????.” – Emily Toop, Head of Engineering, Keel

Thayer is truly unique in the recruitment world. By taking the time to deeply understand the organisation’s needs, Thayer leads hyper efficient searches that always end up with that candidate you thought didn’t exist. Her genuine passion and ability to find the right people/culture match is refreshing and invaluable. Thank you for the gems you found so far. Can't wait to keep working with you as we grow the team.
Benoit Machefer Co-Founder & CEO at Keel