CV Sifting and First Call Screening Service

Thought: if Team Prime offered a service that was an add on to your *existing* applications, would you buy it?

Currently the market is such that companies don’t need headhunters like us as much as they would when candidates are scarce, they have lots of applicants – too many even, but do they have the time and experience in house to sift them and not miss the perfect applicant in a timely manner before they’ve gone to competitor?

If Team Prime were to offer that service, would you be interested?

You’d get Thayer Prime (founder, CEO) personally working on your pile of CVs and prioritising them with a paragraph of explainer on each one as to why they’d be worth interviewing, and a rough idea of what salary they should be paid based on experience. As an add on, you could also have Thayer do the initial screening call for you, get the first interview out of the way so you know they’re a real interested human wanting to work for your company specifically, and not just someone (or something/AI/bots) responding to your advert without any interest in your role specifically. This call would cover all about your company to the candidate, the interview process, checking their salary requirements and making sure they’re happy with your pay scale – as well as making sure they’re a suitable candidate to progress.

I would say pricing would look something like:

  • £200 for up to 100 cvs with a shortlist of your choosing, between 1 – 10
  • £50 per initial screen interview

Thoughts? – if you’re interested in this service, or would like to give me feedback, or work with me in a similar way but changed to work perfectly with your organisation, I’m all ears >