Always price yourself to be taken seriously

For the life time of Team Prime, I’ve kept rates at 15% which has always been the industry low end for recruiting. I did this in order to offer the best value I could in an industry (recruiting) that I felt has generally over charged.

However, after 15 years it’s time to put our rates up. I’ve noticed an uptick in the last year of being treated as “just another recruitment agency” by some newer clients so it is time I took the advice I dish out to all those ever looking to increase their salary – always charge at a rate that means you are taken seriously for the experience you bring and the joy it is to work with you. You price yourself not for the “worth” you feel you are, instead price yourself based on being taken seriously by those who see your value to them.

Team Prime new rates along with our terms and conditions can be found here. All existing contracts at 15% will be honoured for their lifetime. New clients from today will be charged at 20%.