Working alongside Mike Bracken (Executive Director of Digital in the Cabinet Office) and the team at Government Digital Services, we have assisted in all parts of building what Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media described as “the best digital team working in government anywhere in the world”.

Mike and the team sit at the centre of Government and have the overarching purpose of making Government work better, through digital transformation.

From November 2011 to present, we have helped fill around 200 roles by creating a recruitment funnel and processes that express our culture, values and opportunities to the community.

Thayer is a rare “recruitment” person who actually understands what it’s like to be a developer and what makes us happy/unhappy, which means she is able to quickly resolve any issues that arise with great efficiency and tact. Whether that’s guiding you through a difficult recruitment process or resolving problems, you can rely on her to find a way and she’ll always help you out. She’s smart, encouraging, supportive, a lot of fun to work with and just awesome!
Mazz Mosley Senior Developer at GDS