Reverse jobs board – NO FEE vetted quality candidates for your company

I’ve had an idea for a long time, nearly ten years now, where I wanted to produce a reverse jobs board. Instead of candidates applying to clients, I wanted clients to apply to pre-vetted top quality candidates.

The problem I’m trying to solve is that recruiting is almost always done as a reactive response to a fairly urgent need. This means you take what you can get that’s the best at the time. I believe this is not the best way to recruit. My favourite way of helping clients recruit is to connect them to great people when great people become available, and the client moves the business forward based on hiring the best people at the time they are available. It’s worked for a lot of my clients once you are happy to change your business to suit this structure.

Of course, there will most likely always be need for reactive recruitment too, it’s the nature of the beast when scaling happens at an unanticipated rate. But if you can scale with only the best people, as and when they become available, can you imagine how much easier and better your scaling could be?

As with all ideas, the proof is in the pudding. So I’d like to introduce the candidates section on Team Prime. This is where you can see who’s currently looking for work right now, who we deem to be very good candidates – the cream if you will, but we currently don’t have an opening for them within our clients. If you’re keen on them working in your company, just email me via the bottom of the advert and I’ll pass on your message. Remember though, you’re applying to these people – so make sure your offering is compelling! 🙂

The service is currently free for both those advertising and those wanting to apply to them. This may change in future.