We want to thank you for your retweets

Thank you

Our business relies on the power of our network, a network we’ve built up over the years through trust and good business and just well, doing a good job. We base our recruitment on referrals and recommendations, and every time someone retweets one of our job tweets, or news or well – anything, it helps us extend our network.

I’ve been wanting to say thank you for some time, but it’s an odd one to nail – paying people to say thank you somehow makes it feel tacky, but not offering up some sort of tangible thanks doesn’t do how we feel justice.

We love giving to charity, and so I’ve come to an idea and I’d love your feedback on Twitter.

Once a month, some clever code Sym Roe has written (again, as a favour to us, how lovely is that?) will email me everyone who has retweeted things from @TeamPrimeLtd and also pick a random retweeter for me. I’ll let that person know and they can pick a charity and we’ll donate £50 to that charity and give the randomly drawn retweeter £50 in Amazon vouchers too (or if they prefer, the full £100 to the charity of their choice).

Thanks again for all your support, we really do appreciate it.