Want to hire the best as soon as they’ve available?

Are you a company or organisation that would like to hire the most talented and lovely humans, as we find out they are starting to look around? Then let us know by emailing thayer@team-prime.com and we’ll add you to our internal list for potential new employers to consider.

We often get to exclusively represent wonderful humans as they look for new roles, who wouldn’t normally approach “traditional” recruitment agencies due to the service level they’ve sadly come to expect. They’re often people we’ve represented and helped find new roles in the past, and sometimes referrals from people we’ve worked with. They’re *always* fantastic. They’re the sorts of people that never have to apply for roles because they get hired before they’ve submitted an application, by using their networks. Luckily for you, we’re part of their network 🙂

How does this work?

  1. You email us thayer@team-prime.com and let us know you’re interested, and let us know what types of roles you generally hire for as well as letting us know if you’re open to contractors, permanent employees or both.
  2. We send you back terms (tl;dr, 15%).
  3. You sign our terms and send them back.
  4. We then let people approaching us for new roles about the companies who might be interested but not publicly hiring.
  5. If they’re keen, we send you their CV and details for you to consider.
  6. If you’d like to interview, you go ahead and interview.
  7. If you hire, we bill you our fees on their first day of work, like a traditional recruitment agency, unless it’s a contractor in which case we bill you at the end of every month based on the time they worked with you for a maximum of 6 months.
  8. If you don’t want to hire them or don’t have a role for that person just now, you just let us know.

One thing we pride ourselves for at Team Prime is knowing our clients and people looking for new work very very well. So we will be doing our due diligence on your company once you sign up and sending over a basic info pack to people we represent with your Glassdoor links, and diversity split based on what we can find out on Linkedin and on your company site. We only work with companies actively working to include all people from all backgrounds.

Thanks, and we look forward to sending you great people as they start looking.