Why & how we did live curated Q&A at PrimeConf

Last week, Kristian “Mel” Glass mentioned about the Q&A live curation we did at PrimeConf this year (here’s the thread if you’re interested). So as promised, here’s a blog post of the why and the how. Why Our main PrimeConf objective was to put on the best tech conference experience we could. One of the […]

Putting on PrimeConf – Neil’s wrap up

Blog post by Neil Robertson On 13th June Team Prime hosted its first conference – PrimeConf. In keeping with firsts, this is my first blog post for Team Prime! The manner in which PrimeConf came about was very in keeping with the industry we work in; we saw some events we weren’t happy with in […]

Time for a change

I am really happy to be writing this blog post. It’s been a while coming and something we’ve been looking forward to doing for some time. I’m excited to announce we’re changing what we’re doing at Team Prime. We will continue the team builds we are working on for current clients for as long as […]

Funding a conference on Kickstarter // PrimeConf

<tl;dr>Would I do it this way again? No. Also: the conference IS GOING AHEAD regardless of hitting Kickstarter total or not.</tl;dr> As most of you reading this know, Team Prime put a conference up on Kickstarter (PrimeConf) to see if we could use crowdfunding to raise enough money to put it on. As a micro […]

Announcing the Best of British // PrimeConf

We’re really excited to announce that we are putting on a conference celebrating the best of British digital technology talent, in just a few weeks: The Best of British – Friday 13th June 2014 I’ve been attending conferences for a decade now and I’ve always wanted to see one that highlighted home-grown talent across the […]

Notable points of failure in recruiting

I thought I’d write a blog post about failure, as often it’s where the best lessons come from. Below is a list of some of the key areas recruitment fails in, and how you can mitigate against them. Time kills all deals Companies tend to hire when they’re so busy with their work they need […]

Closed for new business!

We’re currently closed for new business enquiries until earliest start of February 2014. We only ever take on as much work as we can deliver good results on, and it’s great to now be fully loaded up with great clients we want to focus on. If you’re keen on working with us in the future […]

How to stop recruiters calling (& recruiters: how to get ALL the business)

I want to start this post with a massive (but true) brag: we’ve never cold pitched at anyone for new business. EVER. Not once. We have a waiting list, and a current and past client list that most recruitment companies would chop off their left arm for. I want to let you into one of […]

An attempt to discourage commission based recruiting

Since starting this business I’ve set out to try and change the traditional recruitment model from a commission based one to a partnership consultancy based one. In summary – instead of charging a commission per hire, we work with companies to build teams at a monthly cost far reduced from normal commission based work. Usually […]

Are you a charity? Would you like our help for free?

This month, we’ve been lucky enough to work with Teenage Cancer Trust to fill a role they needed some help with. They asked if we could fill it on reduced rates, so we went one better and offered to fill it for free. Because of the way we work, we can absorb that as a […]