Your CV: Getting it right

[today’s post from Lisa Baggaley] The future of the traditional CV may be questionable given the power of LinkedIn and other professional networking sites, however, it currently remains the principal document used during job applications, so it’s important to get it right. Since joining the recruitment industry last year I’ve been surprised to see such […]

Shelving the candidate board

A couple of months ago I created the reverse job board (blog post here) where candidates who we couldn’t currently help with opportunities could be listed either anonymously, or openly, and companies could apply to them. I thought it would be a good idea for a few reasons: To help those folks get jobs To […]

Reverse jobs board – NO FEE vetted quality candidates for your company

I’ve had an idea for a long time, nearly ten years now, where I wanted to produce a reverse jobs board. Instead of candidates applying to clients, I wanted clients to apply to pre-vetted top quality candidates. The problem I’m trying to solve is that recruiting is almost always done as a reactive response to […]

We want to thank you for your retweets

Our business relies on the power of our network, a network we’ve built up over the years through trust and good business and just well, doing a good job. We base our recruitment on referrals and recommendations, and every time someone retweets one of our job tweets, or news or well – anything, it helps […]

Why companies don’t like recruitment people openly discussing their roles

Following on from my last post, Why candidates should always know who sees their details, I though it’d be good to do the flip side: why don’t companies like recruitment folks giving out their details publicly? Tried to order this as the most common reason given to us when we ask if we can add […]

Why candidates should always know who sees their details

For some people, this will be a very obvious blog post. For a lot more people, this will be an eye opener. In recruitment services, there are quite a lot – I would even go so far as to say The Majority – of not-so-morally driven people. There are big bucks to be made in […]

Retained vs commission – what’s the difference?

Most recruitment agencies work on a commission basis (a percentage of the person they placed annual salary) and a “no win no fee” style approach. Sometimes, recruitment agencies also have a retainer with a client – they’ll also be paid a certain amount every month to focus more on that client. This generally happens on […]

Want to know how recruitment agencies work?

I often get asked about the process of recruitment from the point of view of someone who does it for money. What are the stages, how does it work, what does the life cycle of a hire look like? So I thought a great first post for the site should be just that – a […]

Communication metadata: can we get on with having real relationships online?

Something that’s been interesting me since around 2001 (the start of my career in online community) is how do we represent and translate detailed social interaction into digital, from offline community. So far, we’re all adding plenty of social noise, but not making much music. By that I mean that we’re just putting stuff out […]

When hackdays just *aren’t* cool – some PR advice

I just got a bit ranty and grumpy on Twitter. I saw this tweet: And upon following the link, it rather made me angry. The link goes to this page: Wow. Cadbury want developers to develop their Olympic app for no money, and think they will do so for the chance to win tickets to […]